“I Feel Really Frustrated At Times …
Why Is It So Hard For Me To Influence And Impact The People In My Career, And My Life?”

Discover How 4000+ Professionals In Singapore And Overseas Use NLP 
To Transform Themselves Into Powerful Leaders And Change Agents 

– Via Mind Transformations’ 11-day NLP Practitioner Certification

Some of Our Corporate & Institutional Clients:

Why can't professionals influence and impact the people in their career and maybe even their own personal lives? (even though they try really hard)

  • When they have trouble reading people and listening deep enough to get buy-ins.
  • When they transition into leadership. But don’t have the right soft skills (people and self-management skills) to lead their team.
  • When they are second-guessing themselves and don’t dare to express themselves confidently.
  • When they have the best intentions. But ideas were poorly communicated to their clients, bosses and team.
  • When both parties couldn’t click due to different personalities, clashing values, generational gap, and unique backgrounds.

Then, as things are still not progressing, they feel frustrated, and they start looking for...

  • More career courses.
  • More leadership training.
  • More webinars.
  • More workshops.
  • More tactics.
  • More quick fixes.

Only to face the same frustration or worse, getting more resistance from their bosses, clients, family, co-workers, team members ...

In one sentence, most professionals try to better influence and impact, only to realise that their methods don’t work…

Why is that?

Well, motivation comes from within - at the subconscious level.

Think about it, have you yourself ever taken action just because someone told you to do so?

You feel some resistance to it, didn't you? Same thing for your bosses, clients, family and co-workers.

And that’s where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) comes in as the proven framework – to influence and impact change at the subconscious level.



Hi, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Barney Wee.

I am the founder of Mind Transformations. I'm an NLP Master Trainer and a Coach Master Trainer.

I also hold a Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development, and have trained countless corporate clients like DBS, NUS, BBC Worldwide and DHL, among others.

But more importantly, since 1997, I’ve helped more than 4000 professionals (just like you), in Singapore and overseas,

Transform themselves into powerful and authentic communicators – so they can influence and impact the people in their careers and lives.

You see, it’s not that courses and webinars don’t work.

But rather, most professionals forget that human beings are motivated at the psychological level. And a different key is required to unlock and influence each person.

The frustration comes in when people try to use brute force externally,

Or use the same ‘key’ for every unique ‘lock’.

When in reality, what they need is a psychological framework to create a unique ‘key’ for every unique ‘lock’.

NLP provides such a psychological framework.

Of course, this is not something you can master overnight or by reading about it.

And that’s why our NLP Practitioner Certification is NOT one day, NOT two days, but ELEVEN DAYS OF LIFE-CHANGING TRAINING – spread over 3 months.

So you can truly internalise, put NLP into practice, and receive personalised feedback from our qualified coaches.

Hear From Our Students About Our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training

Tze Wynn Lim
Tze Wynn Lim
It has been a great experience and a very unique methodology of learning. Highly recommended for anyone looking to bring themselves to new heights.
Xinyi Lin
Xinyi Lin
I have first signed up for NLP with the intentions to improve on my communications with people and to work on self development/discovery. Barney team (Agnes, Celine, Joseph, Alfred, Hans, Kelvin) are truly committed to the cause of transforming people through their work, and their passion and beliefs surpassed the relationship of a training academy and students. They also create a community of like-minded people who continue to support and snergise beyond the course. For all courses, the usefulness is most felt when we are able to apply consistently on what have been introduced, and not a mere transfer of knowledge. I personally have been able to be more intentional in my progression and having advanced to Master NLP gave me deeper perspectives and insights to the real life application and the rationale behind the use of different coaching methodologies so that I can create more lasting impact in the areas of my conviction. The learning experiences at Mind Transformation has shifted my paradigmship and help me to achieve consistency, progression with effective strategies. The courses are structured and dynamic with learnings that are immediately practised in a group learning. I would definitely recommend Mind Transformations to anyone who wishes to develop to a better version of themselves, and also for leaders, coaches/coaches-to-be to create more impactful value for their team or clientele.
Roslina Ng Rosli
Roslina Ng Rosli
My journey with Mind Transformations was indeed transformational. The skills and knowledge gained from the experience are treasures that I can tap on for every part of my life. Most importantly, it’s a journey of self discovery. I’m thankful that I’ve trusted my “gut” to embark on this valuable experience. I’ve become a better version of myself. Thank you Barney, Hans, Celine, Alfred, Joseph and Agnes for your support and encouragement throughout the course and beyond. I’m looking forward to fulfilling my coaching certification with MT.
Truly blessed to have gone through my NLP Practitioner journey with Mind Transformations. Indeed, the journey has been transformational, I have gained confidence in applying what I learnt and enjoy my “being” in a mindful manner. It is amazing how the NLP concepts will pop up in my head from time to time, which serve as good reminders to myself in applying them to real life situations. I believed that this is attributable to the carefully curated program along with many hands-on application sessions with our course-mates. Taking this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to Barney and his team for the immense level of support and guidance. Thank You.
Chaya Ramphul
Chaya Ramphul
Amazing learning curve, dedicated and patient trainers and coach, structured program and exceptional guidance. Lifechanging experience
Albert Lee
Albert Lee
Attending Master NLP is one of the best things that happened to me at this point in my life. I found one of the important puzzle piece that gave me confidence in working with people. Being enabled to looking at the same thing in a multi-dimensional ways, I now have confidence in moving forward in my current work and be courageous to face whatever learnings I need to receive, as opposed to being stagnant in my position because of my fears. My initial intention was to be able to help my colleague at work with the coaching tools. Not only do I gained what I came for, it has also gave me a lot of clarity in how to approach a challenge, and awareness of my own behaviour that I have a chance to adjust positively and reevaluate again. Barney’s advice has always being on point for me, and I could adjust quickly and see results. And I’m really inspired by his passion in teaching this difficult topics. It took me many years on the fence with my bias, before I finally decided to attend this course, and now I’m trying not to grimace over what I have missed in this span of time and how much progress in life I would have made. So now I would absolutely recommend to anyone who pursue growth and learning, and wish to add value to people/society, to come attend NLP and Master NLP by Minds Transformation. And come now, not later.
Analine Tsepal
Analine Tsepal
Joining the Mind Transformations programme for NLP and MNLP is the best gift I've ever give to myself. A supportive team and community who stretch themselves and me to evolve and grow! Can't thank you guys enough!!!
krisha Jugessur
krisha Jugessur
The NLP sessions was absolutely revitalising and self discovery.The techniques learnt and put into applications would definitely help un both our professional and personal life. We had the opportunity to explore various facet of coaching and this experience is really a must once in a lifetime
Adilla DM
Adilla DM
Behind Mind Transformations are very passionate and dedicated trainers and coaches. I did the Practitioner Certification in NLP in Nov 2022 . A life changing experience where not only does one gain NLP coaching techniques through a lot of practice and demonstration but, very importantly, one gains self mastery and the opportunity to work on the self. Thank you Barney for being such an excellent and inspiring coach. Thank you Alfred for the daily motivational talk!
Introducing Mind Transformations’

11-day NLP Practitioner Certification

How It Works To Boost Your Influence & Impact

  • Module 1 (Day 1 – 5)

  • Module 2 (Day 6 – 8)

  • Module 3 (Day 9 – 11)

Learning How To Read People And Build Lasting Connection

Couldn’t connect with your superiors, clients or even loved ones for some reason?

Or perhaps you find yourself in conversations that go nowhere?

Failure to build rapport can be worrying, as this translates to a loss of opportunity and possibly misunderstanding down the road.

The good news is, things don’t have to stay that way.

By understanding the psychology of who you’re engaging with, you can take advantage of opportunities, live a more fulfilling life, form deeper relationships, and sidestep conflicts.

You may think of each individual’s psychology as a set of unique programming codes.

These codes determine how they process information and behave.

Similarly, you can use those codes to finally influence and impact their lives, and yours, for the better.

As an NLP practitioner-in-training, you’ll learn how to read those codes, pick up verbal and nonverbal cues, discover your communication style, and see how this can be working against your intention and interest. 

Rapport building – pacing and leading conversations verbally and non-verbally.

Observational skills – register all the important cues in high-stakes conversations.

Structuring conversations – have productive and meaningful conversations with anyone, on any topic.

Summoning peak performance states – snapping into the right mental and emotional state anywhere and anytime.

Building a resilient mindset – equipping yourself with empowering beliefs to tackle your challenges

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

A Focus On Practical,
Not Just Theory

Most professionals try to get an intimate knowledge of how leadership works, and how to achieve impact from books, workshops and classes.

However, when they are back in the office, they get drowned in the ‘fire-fighting’, realise the tactics don’t work, and things are still not progressing.

You see, while theory is important, it’s the execution that matters. To ensure you fully benefit, 70% of our course is hands-on application and supervised practice.

Measurable Results That
You Can Track

“I’m not sure that this certification will help me. How would I know if I’ll truly benefit?”

Many professionals in Singapore are skeptical of NLP, as they think the result can be quite subjective.

And that’s why our participants are equipped with a metric system to measure and follow through on their soft skills development. For instance, we track 7 critical skills to benchmark our NLP Practitioners’ Competency level. Namely, State Management, Mental Rehearsal, Rapport Building, Giving Feedback, Observation & Testing, Self-Resourcing and Questioning.

Dedicated And Personalised Support

At Mind Transformations, we practise what we preach.

Led by NLP & ICI Master Trainer, Barney Wee, the Mind Transformations Core Team has at least 78 years of combined experience and competence in NLP training and coaching.

True to our teachings, our team of trainers, practitioners and coaches are also very dedicated and genuinely care about your progress, as shown by our 118+ Five-Star Reviews on Google and 184+ Five-Star Reviews on Facebook.

Hear From More Students

An Internationally-Recognised NLP
& Coach Certification Programme
- By an Award-Winning Company

About Mind Transformations

Barney founded Mind Transformations in 1997 and he’s been conducting NLP training and coaching programmes ever since.

His work has spread to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mauritius.

He has a Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development. He is an NLP Master Trainer and a Coach Master Trainer.

Over the past 20 years, Barney has trained thousands of NLP practitioners and corporate executives in the practical applications of NLP in the arenas of Sales, Communication, Coaching, Teambuilding, Interviewing Skills, Personal Effectiveness and especially “Changing of Mindsets.” He’s done several multi-level interventions and modelling executive excellence in organisations like BTPN, BBC Worldwide, NUS, BMTC, AXA Wealth, NHGP, LUX Resorts & Hotels and many more.

He’s been conducting training and doing coaching in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mauritius.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP?

NLP is a set of mental, emotional and behavioural processes to prepare ourselves to produce complex, adaptive behaviours to deliver excellent results.

Is NLP manipulative?

NLP is merely a tool. When NLP is used with positive intentions to bring about a win-win outcome, it can be an effective tool to effect change.
That’s why our NLP Practitioner Certification emphasises the practitioner’s way of being - with authenticity, empathy.

Is it just another leadership training course?

While courses, webinars, and training can provide the tactics, most professionals forget that human beings are motivated at the psychological level.

The frustration comes in when one tries to use brute force externally,

Or use the same tactic for every unique individual.

When in reality, what one needs is a psychological framework to create a unique approach for every unique interaction.

And that’s where NLP comes in to provide this framework.

Who is this certification suitable for?

Professionals, managers, executives, sales and business development professionals and coaches will benefit from this course.

Can I apply NLP outside of my career?

Yes, NLP is applicable to all human interactions.

Who is suitable to attend the NLP training?

Participants in our training courses span a wide spectrum, including:

Banking & finance, communications & IT, oil & gas, hospitality, services, education, training and coaching, real estate, non-profits, sales & marketing, HR & learning, engineering & technology, operations, strategy, legal, etc.

Is NLP training only limited to leadership positions?

No, NLP is suitable for all positions, including individual contributors, first-line managers, all the way to business leaders in middle and senior management.

In fact, career switchers, homemakers, volunteers, and active seniors can benefit from NLP training as well!

This is because NLP techniques are applicable to all human interactions.

What is the format of the training? I cannot sit and study for 8 hours at a stretch.

The course is not built as a series of sit-down lectures.

In fact, 70% of our course is hands-on application and supervised practice.

Will I only learn theory? I want to learn practical skills.

You’re at the right place. 70% of our NLP training course is focused on practical application.

Across the 11 days of training, we layer on the skills systematically from Day 1. Each new layer builds on the foundation already established, so practitioners get more and more familiar with the skills as they progress through the course.

To get a sense of how the classroom practice is structured, a typical segment may look like this:

  1. A short lecture explaining the scientific basis, why and how a particular skill is relevant
  2. Demo
  3. Supervised practice in pairs or small groups ← during this time, our trainers and facilitators observe and give feedback to all the practitioners
  4. Feedback and reflection

The facilitated feedback and reflection process is deliberate and intentional. Our practitioners get very rich learning in this way.

What if I cannot digest the information?

Our course is broken down into three modules of 5 days + 3 days + 3 days. There is a gap of a few weeks between each module.

This gap is intentionally designed to give our practitioners the opportunity to go back into the “real world” and apply the skills they have learned in real-life situations. Everyone has access to a community of support, where other practitioners and our facilitators provide support and answer any questions.

So, when our practitioners return for the next module, they will have gotten solid practice in their day-to-day lives and are ready to fine-tune and layer on more skills.

In addition to the 11 training days, we conduct half-day Skills Enhancement & NLP Application workshops between the modules.

In these workshops, we recap the key concepts covered in the previous module and make time for more deliberate practice, where we continue to observe the practitioners and provide feedback.

Discover How You Can Finally Influence And Impact The People In Your Career And Life - With A Complimentary Consultation Now

As you can see, Mind Transformations’ 11-day NLP Practitioner Certification has the expertise, resources and track record to help you deliver influence and impact.

But maybe you’re still not fully convinced. That’s ok!

Simply sign up for a 1 HOUR CONSULTATION (Worth $200) below and we’ll:

  • Assess how our certification can help you deliver the influence and impact you seek in your career and life.
  • Share why our 11-day NLP Practitioner Certification is so effective, compared to the other courses and training out there.
  • Check your eligibility for SkillsFuture Credit (up to $1000) to offset your course fees.
  • And answer any questions you may have about the course and the results it has delivered for our students.

So feel free to fill in the form below, and we’ll help you immediately!

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